The Prince William County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing Courthouse security and serving civil law process. It is my vision that we will be the most trained and customer service-driven Sheriff’s office in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Being honest about law enforcement issues is the first step toward law enforcement reform. The laws and standard procedures have been on the books for years; however, they cannot change the hearts and minds of officers and residents. As we strive to make change, we will need input from all residents and officers to effect the change that we want to see.


We are committed to ensuring that every resident and officer is treated with due care and is provided the quality of service needed to gain and maintain public trust and public safety.


All residents must receive the same quality of service regardless of status, race, gender or sexual preference. Law enforcement officers must remember that they work for the residents of Prince William County. I believe that through customer service, officers and residents will be able to police each other to find mutual respect for one another.


We hear a lot about criminal justice reform and not enough about law enforcement reform. Law enforcement agencies talk about community policing and the benefits of cultural diversity training. However, this approach needs to be fine-tuned. I believe that law enforcement operations should be customer service-driven. 

We need public trust to be effective and that trust will only be obtained through the quality of service given to our residents and our officers.  We can start this process by hiring superior candidates and having adequate training with the customer service mindset. 

Training is not enough, as it cannot change the hearts and minds of officers nor the community. However, the community must know that officers are here to assist, protect and defend them. They are not here to harass, intimidate or abuse them. Officers and the communities that they serve should have open conversations about their concerns with each other. We must serve each other, and in that service, find a lasting mutual respect.